From Our Fans

Over the course of Dan’s career in education, he has had the privilege of working with some amazing administrators and educators across a wide spectrum of locales and situations. A number of these professionals have had some incredibly positive things to say about him and his work. Here are some of the comments that these educators have made:

I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Dan for over a decade where he has represented the Tennessee School Boards Association (TSBA) as an ex-officio member of the TSSAA Board of Control.  Most recently, Dan has served on our steering committee for the InSideOut Initiative, a series of professional development opportunities dedicated to supporting leaders of educational athletics in their mission of character development of student athletes. Dan’s wealth of experience as a teacher, coach, school administrator, school board member and federal programs director bring an array of knowledge to the table rarely seen in the educational setting. The relationships that he has cultivated with educators across our state, coupled with his background in multiple areas of education, make Dan a tremendous resource for any school system seeking consultation on any number of projects.  His infectious personality and enthusiasm, coupled with a genuine humility, make him the type a professional that anyone would want to have on their team.

Mark Reeves
Executive Director
Tennessee Secondary Schools Athletic Association

Dan Schlafer’s knowledge and expertise is something you cannot formulate into words or put a price tag on.  His willingness to help and be patient with our district has been refreshing and a relief.   Mr. Schlafer, thank you for being present and available to guide our district through a needed change that will ultimately benefit generations of Maury County Public School Youth.  We look forward to our continued relationship in the future, for there is still much more work to be done. 

Christopher N. Poynter
District Athletic Director
Maury County (Tennessee) Public Schools

I was fortunate to work with Dan in 2018-2019 during a day of Compliance and Title IX training for the Greeneville City Schools in Greeneville, Tennessee. During this time with Greeneville City Schools Administrators and Athletic Directors, he provided his expertise as well as great resources for being prepared and more informed with gender equality in sports. He has a wealth of knowledge and is willing to discuss—as well as answer—the most difficult questions which linger in our school systems today. Also, he did not hesitate to provide his time to travel to each facility in order to get a better understanding of the programs in which we have in the Greeneville City Schools. He provided amazing feedback and suggestions in order to make our programs better and more compliant. With Dan’s background in Education, he is an outstanding resource for anyone in the education field. I would not hesitate to call or contact him at any time with a question in which I had.

Jeremy K. Simerly
Greeneville Middle School
Greeneville, TN 37743

I have worked with Dan Schlafer for almost a decade, as a vendor for his school districts, Monroe County and Cumberland County. Dan has an eye for detail and ensures that his staff and his students are well cared for. Dan’s thirst for perfection and sheer knowledge in education, is one of his strongest career attributes. He has an infectious positive attitude and his friendly demeanor ensures that he is approachable and always available to any and all that connect with him. Dan has also immersed himself into multiple boards and volunteer organizations, proving that he fully cares for his community and mankind, as a whole. 

Jamie Osgoodby​
Senior Account Manager and Customer Care Representative
TransACT Communications, LLC.

Mr. Dan Schlafer is an experienced career educator who has served students and staff in multiple districts and in multiple roles for many years.  From teacher and coach to district supervisor, his experience is second to none.  For the last several years, it has been my honor to work alongside Mr. Schlafer in his role as Federal Programs Director for Cumberland County Schools.  During this time, I have witnessed Mr. Schlafer’s passion for helping others and doing things the right way.  Mr. Schlafer is well-versed in federal and state laws and regulations and has often served as the expert in matters of compliance.  He combines his genuine concern for people with his extensive knowledge to work toward resolution and systemic improvements.  Analyzing circumstances and mapping out steps for improvement is an area of expertise of Mr. Schlafer as his ultimate goal is helping others. He is the leader and authority you most definitely want to support your organization.  

Dr. Rebecca Wood
Chief Academic Officer
Cumberland County (Tennessee) Schools